Why I do what I do

             I like to make things beautiful. Whether it's life, a home, or just cultivating beautiful smiles I like to help people enjoy the beauty that life has to offer. I truly believe that every person is beautiful and that every girl deserves to know she is beautiful.

             I got into jewelry making for the sheer joy of creating. I started making things commercially a few years ago when I was looking for a birthday present. I discovered I could make really fun, unique and beautiful things and possibly make some money doing it. Or at least pay for my jewelry making habit. :-] And from that a business was born.

            And of course I am ultimately inspired by the beauty of our wonderful prince of peace. I believe that Jesus died and was raised again for our sins. I do everything I do because of the beautiful love he showed to us. And I would love to share at least little bit of that love every day. Everyone is made beautiful in their own way, and I also want to encourage people to be who they are no matter the cost. Which is why I like to make such unique personal things; for the beauty that is YOU!

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