Put something on the Page

I wanted to write a post about the power of a blank page and it's ability to induce writers block. But I figured since that has already been done, I might talk about the power YOU have over the blank page.

I was inspired to title this post 'Put something on the page' by a great conversation I had recently with my brother. I don't remember every word of the entire conversation, but the gist of it was summed up in one sentence when you don't know what to write just try to put something on the page.

Often times we struggle with finding what to write because we struggle to believe in ourselves and often don't see our work as being worth value. We are ashamed of what we believe to be not good enough and are afraid to write anything. But we need to understand that are words have value and that when writing something, your thoughts, is an accomplishment. As we begin to just write what we feel without the fear of being imperfect we shock ourselves out of the fear of writing.

As Mary Poppins likes to say " Well begun is half done".  The important step is the first one. Getting the jitters out of the way and giving yourself something to work with is a very important first step.You can begin by just free writing your ideas and then go back and edit them later, but the important thing is just to remember to just get something on the page

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