Tea Saves Everything

Or rather not tea specifically but anything that warms your heart and makes you smile.
One of the things for me, is Tea.
Something that always seems to stick out for me when talking about survival, or making it through life is something I saw on the discovery channel.
The Discovery Chanel has a lot of things like that, but this may not be what you'd expect.
I remember one afternoon watching bear grills, on Man vs. Wild, he was lost somewhere in the outback trying to show his captive TV audience how to survive. And there was one thing specifically that stuck out to me.
He said something along the lines of: 'the key to survival is keeping up morale.' 
It's all about hope.
He said that often times when he was out on a survival expedition he would find something he enjoyed; take the time to build a nice fire, pick some berries etc...
 He went on to something about how all throughout history leaders, expedition guides, and rescuers new that the key to survival is keeping up the moral.
So there you have it: Tea saves everything!
We often times find ourselves in a just getting by attitude, concentrating on the stuff that will keep us alive. But what we don't understand is that the key to survival is good moral. It gives hope.
So when your getting stressed in life go find something you like doing. Do something nice for yourself.
Sit by the fire, have some licorice, go see a movie, or have a cup of tea!
That's what I'm  doing right now as we speak! And remember keep it up! It's not always about just making it through, it's about enjoying the journey. Those canyons can be beautiful to.
So go have a cup of tea!

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