Jewelry and craft supply storage ideas

Ok, So if your like me and love to craft [make jewelry, etc...]you know that the number one issue that comes up with all of that mess [craft supplies] is finding a storage solution!

One great way is to re-purpose everyday items. Old mason jars or pickle jars work great for bigger things [washed of course to get out that pickle smell, maybe twice :) ]. Old cardboard boxes, kitchen utensil organizers, even an old flower box would make a great storage/organizer with added cardboard dividers.

A makeshift bookshelf with card board boxes as drawers can be a great addition. Take a few scrap boards cut down so that they are desk cubby size, and attach them together with a hot glue gun... and you've got a great little desk top storage option. Or even some simple scrap booking storage would work for all those jewelry tools.

You can also pick up a full size bookshelf for cheap, if your on a budget at your local salvation army, or Walmart. You can get good quality furniture at the Salvation Army for good prices and it's for a good cause! What could be wrong with that!

Cardboard cereal boxes cut in half, or just cut out the bottom, can be a great place to stash you little craft needs. I've got a couple of them on my desk right now. That's also a great way to re-purpose some old wrapping paper or craft paper scraps, Those scraps wrapped around some box organizers make a trendy little hide-y-hole for out of the way junk.

You can also use small snack/ salad dressing containers.I got some from my local grocery store for 2-3 dollars. They are plastic cups that come with lids and come in a pack of 50. They hold up to 2 oz and make great containers for little beads. And the best part about them is that they are disposable! So I can write on them, mark them up, bend them, mix resin in them all kinds of stuff and its no great loss of money

.I'm sure you guys have some great ideas to! So share em'! Tell us all your unique wonderful ideas, and well get on this storage solution together! :-) You don't have to be stuck with the expensive store bought solutions to be trendy. We're DIYers! So lets get some DIY goin' on in here!

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