I feel like I need to write.

No, I NEED to write.

It's keeping me up at night, weighing on my heart. Im not sure why but I know it's a part of me.
So get ready for some serious word vomit!

What do you like to do?

Lately I've been trying to revamp my etsy shop, with some sucsess. But only a little. I haven't been getting a lot of sales/ veiws and I realized what the problem is...

Im not creating my passion, i'm not telling my story. I need to write, I need to get my story out there and more importantly I need to create what I'm passionate about. What I like, not just whats popular or pretty. I haven't been engaged because I haven't been putting my heart into it. I've been putting my heart into fixing my shop, staying up all night etc... trying for the life of me to find somebody to save me; to make my shop alright. But I realized what my problem is, all the advice in the world is not going to help you if you don't find your passion. There I said it.

God is my passion, my heart. [And the one who's been keeping me up all night by the way]  I need to get back to my heart and make things that inspire me. So in other words I am going to start writing. I am going to make things that inspire me and let them tell my story. Some of the best authors in the world will tell yah, you can't let things like details get in the way of the story. So I'm just gonna keep at it, or come around to it which-ever. And I know it will work, because thats what you want: someone with passion ,with hear,t who's got the same story you have and loves to tell it. I love God by the way, he's my everything. :-]

Even miracles take a little time- the fairy godmother


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