Beauty, its healing for your heart.

Beauty is a healing balm for your heart. It makes us happy gives us life and lets us know what life is about.

Sometimes we just gotta look at something beautiful. It’s the purpose of jewelry, of fine art, a great story, a beautiful landscape If all you see is negative images your heart leaves this thirsty empty hole. I’m sure you’ve felt it. It can be caused by many things but to me the first remedy to try is to look at something beautiful. Take a walk, stroll through a park, walk down the beach. Take some time to allow yourself to have something beautiful Before you know it that empty hole might just be a little more full. And if you keep up the practice over time you might find the hole getting smaller and smaller.

Keeping up moral is important for survival. So it would make sense that you would also need it to be able to thrive.
What do I like to do?

I like sitting somewhere nice and looking at the water [ a lake, ocean ets.], sometimes i'll take a walk with my dog she always makes me happy, watch a favorite animated movie, or spend some time around family and friends. There aren't very many things more beautiful than the sight of good frinds laughing and enjoying life together.

Try asking yourself the same question, and then try this one: What do I find the most beautiful?. And then go and enjoy that.


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