What are head pins and how do I use them?

Headpins are small sections of wire (or pin) used for beads and charms with a head or end that stops beads from falling off.

There are many different types and finishes when it comes to head pins. Which pins you see depends mostly on personal preference.

There are many different styles of head pins to fit your jewelry design.

·         There are flat head pins, which have just a simple and clean flat head tip.

·         Ball pins a just like regular headpins with a small ball at the end.

·         Paddle pins have a small paddle like shape at the base.

·         There are also decorative headpins. These can range in style and design depending on which one you want to use.

·         Eye pins are just like other headpins except instead of a ball or flat tip they have a small loop on the end. This is nice if you want to add on other section of beads to your jewelry underneath the headpins.

There are also a variety of materials used to make head pins. Obviously if you are using costly beading supplies you want to use a higher quality head pin so you can get a good return on your investment. There are also different gages or widths for you to choose from. The thickness of wire [used to make head pins] is measured by gage the higher the gage the thicker the wire. When it comes to gage the smaller the number the Thicker it is. Some beads like pearls or seed beads will need a smaller gage because of the size of the whole in the bead.


To use a head pin:

  1. Simply slip your bead or your charm letting it rest on the base or the head.

  1. Next, you make a loop close to the beads on your head pin. If you wish to add this to a chain, jump ring or another piece of jewelry make sure you slip it on before you finish the loop.


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