Pearl cluster necklace 1: chain

I love the look of a multi-strand or cluster necklace. Somehow it just feels luxurious with all the wonderful layers of beads. In this tutorial I’m going to show you how to create the multi-strand effect suing a cluster of pearls on a chain.

1.       First of all there are several tools you are going to need:

·         A pair of bent or chin nose pliers.

·         Round nose pliers

·         Wire cutters of flush cutters

·         A length of chain cut to the desired length of your necklace:  Measure it around yourself so you can determine how long the chain will be. You are going to want a bigger sized chain so that you can fit the pearls onto the necklace. I chose gold toned chain but you can pick whichever finish you prefer.

·         Head pins: You will need a few of these (one for every pearl) you can choose whichever style or finish goes better with your project.

·         Loose beads: About 50-60 depending upon your preference and length of chain.  For this tutorial I chose glass pearls I a soft pink color but you can choose any type of pearls or beads you wish.

2.       Place several pearls (or bead) onto head pins and create an open loop for each one.( I like to have several made in advance so I can see my work as I’m going and make any adjustments in placement as needed)

3.       Starting from the middle of your length of chain begin to attach the pearls onto the chain. I used a chain with a wider link so I was able to fit two pearls on each one. One on ‘top’ and one on ‘bottom.’ To attach the pearls open the loop of the head pin just like you would a jump ring and slip it onto the chain closing it after. Make sure the loop is secure to keep the beads from coming off the necklace.

Continue to add beads to both sides until you achieve the desired effect.

4.       Then add a clasp to your chain and you’re done!



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