Why I do what I do

             I like to make things beautiful. Whether it's life, a home, or just cultivating beautiful smiles I like to help people enjoy the beauty that life has to offer. I truly believe that every person is beautiful and that every girl deserves to know she is beautiful.

             I got into jewelry making for the sheer joy of creating. I started making things commercially a few years ago when I was looking for a birthday present. I discovered I could make really fun, unique and beautiful things and possibly make some money doing it. Or at least pay for my jewelry making habit. :-] And from that a business was born.

            And of course I am ultimately inspired by the beauty of our wonderful prince of peace. I believe that Jesus died and was raised again for our sins. I do everything I do because of the beautiful love he showed to us. And I would love to share at least little bit of that love every day. Everyone is made beautiful in their own way, and I also want to encourage people to be who they are no matter the cost. Which is why I like to make such unique personal things; for the beauty that is YOU!

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My Cup of Tea: Part II

                  We have all heard the saying 'not my cup of tea.' Everyone has their own  unique version of a  'cup of tea.'We all have our own unique feelings and tastes.

                  Where did you think the saying 'not my cup of tea' came from. Everyone has their own, and it's important to find yours. Whether yours is an actual cup or tea or a  good book do something you enjoy as often as you can.

                 When you have found your cup of tea, you have discovered what makes you happy, and that is is what makes life worth while.

                  Think about it, and enjoy the journey.


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PS: Mine's green tea, and or frozen yogurt with rainbow sprinkles. :-]


My Cup of Tea

               It is often said that 'a good cup of tea can solve any problem'. While that might not always be literally true, it can help us certainly make finding the problems solution a little bit more enjoyable.
              Which is an important thing!

               Taking time to sit back and consider the problem can help you find a good solution and can also be good for yourself. So when life gets stress-full the dirty dishes in the sink are piling up, the kids are sick, and work is a drag take time to do something good for yourself. Remember that it's good for your kids and your work to. When you are good to yourself you are good to them to, because you've got so much more of yourself to give. 

               We are supposed to enjoy life, and all of the process and the journey. God gave us all unique tastes and likes, and it is certainly supposed to be something that makes you happy.

                  By taking the time to sit back and relax and rewarding ourselves by doing something we enjoy we realize that we are more important than the problems we face. And it reminds us to keep calm and not stress, and to keep time for the important things in life.

                 So go ahead and enjoy your cup of tea, I've got mine.

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